Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Another Week In TC 2

Hello family and friends! I hope you are all doing well and had a great week! 

You know those moments when you feel like you are a chicken running around with your head cut off-just trying to figure out what to do and feel like there is just not enough time? Because that is how my mission is beginning to feel. I find myself setting goals, and then am coming to see how quickly time is passing. It's crazy how time really does fly when life is fun. 

Have you ever wondered what God's days are like? As I have been trying to accomplish all sorts of little things, I have looked at the parents I meet and think about how crazy their lives are. I don't know how people go to school full/part time, work fill/part time, have callings, and balance family time. It looks overwhelming to be an adult! Ha! As I have thought about the game of "balance" while being a parent, I have thought about how God is able to do it. I truly don't know how He figured out how all of this life works for literally EVERY SINGLE person, so I'm just grateful for the belief that He is looking out for all of us and had it all under control. To all parents everywhere-THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was so fun. I was able to go down to Lansing for another leadership meeting. It is always so fun to see all of my friends who are serving across the state. This meeting was a little different than most, in that President took us all outside and had seats for us in a nearby little forest by a little stream. He told us of Joseph Smith and bore his testimony of the power that comes with bearing the truth of the restoration. I hope to never forget it! 

Something else I have been thinking a lot about are those moments when belief turns into knowledge. I was speaking with our branch President, and he told me about 2 specific experiences he has had when his belief turned into knowledge. Once while he was 19 and the other when he was 42. This man clearly has had many, many, many spiritual experiences, but he testified how the spirit was different in these particular instances. He (President Stirling) said, "There are many things that I am convinced of. But I truly KNOW that Jesus is the Christ. The spirit has conveyed it to me in such a way I am afraid to deny it". Joseph Smith's first "experience" may have been while he was reading James 1:5 as the spirit pressed upon him stronger than ever before. I have asked a lot of people about it, and have been thinking about signs or wonders from Heaven. In Mormon 9, it talks about how miracles or these "experiences" are not given to men to disprove their unbelief, but to strengthen the testimonies they already have. As I have talked with a lot of people about this, those individuals who have had these "experiences" seem to be able to pinpoint even an exact date on when this happened to them. Have you had an experience like this before? I know I am still waiting for my "experience", so I'll pray and search on until I truly KNOW. If you have or haven't, even Christ said, Be not afraid, only believe". 

This talk has been quiet interesting for me to study this week. No matter what you are thinking or feeling, "You have more faith than you think you do". I am so grateful for this gospel and am more than convinced that it is Christ's church once again established on the earth, preparatory to the second coming of the Messiah. 

Have a great week!!!

Sister Ensign :) 

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