Monday, February 29, 2016

The Sun'll come out ....maybe tomorrow...or next month.

Hello family and friends alike!

I hope you are doing well and are staying warm, wherever that may be. If it is under multiple layers of thermals and wool socks, I hope the prophecy of an early Spring from Mister Ground Hog is keeping you as warm as it is keeping me. :)

Side note, I know there are many favorite Holidays, especially those celebrating the Birth and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior. Is anyone, however, as excited that ST. PATRICK'S DAY IS COMING AS I AM!?!?!? AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you Lads and Lassies out there and I hope the luck of the Irish will be shining down on you this St. Patties. (Mom sent her a huge box of St. Patrick's Day decorations and things and she was most excited!) 

This week was so great, and one of the most tiring I've had. We pretty much door knocked all week long, and so I was beyond grateful for warmer weather in the 30's. With lots of door knocking comes a lot of potential investigators!!! It was great!! We had one woman who we later called that said, "I've been searching for a church. I feel like God sent you to me. I've done some research, and what I am looking for is a church that will help bring me closer to Christ, bring me happiness, and allow me to help others"....hi. ok. That conversation NEVER happens!! I have been praying and fasting to find a family to teach, to baptize and to take to the temple, all month long.  Brenda may just be the answer to that prayer!  It was so exciting!!
We had trade offs this week, and I was with Sister T.  She has been out for 5 weeks, and it was so fun to be with her.  I love brand new missionaries!  They are so in tune with the Spirit, and have to rely on it.  To all those who are worried about not knowing what to say when you first come out into the field- YOU ARE SO GREAT!!!  You are doing a better job than you think you are.  Sister T. is from Tonga (possibly our only foreign missionary) and she and I had so much fun together!  I adore her!
We saw quiet a few less actives and some investigators this week. The most exciting? M.!!! She had her baptismal interview this week, and she'll be baptized on Saturday!! We are so excited for her, and know she will be so blessed for joining. Satan is really attacking her family right now, trying to distract her, but she has remained faithful, and she's ready to go. I love M. S.  She calls me "Crazy" and I think it is the funniest thing every time. I always tell her how much I love her, and for the first time after church yesterday she said, "You know, saying 'I love you' is a hard thing for me. I was never taught that growing up'". To which I said "Well honey, we're going to have to change that pronto". Last night, we called her for some info for her program for Saturday, and she said, "OK, I love you too.."!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!! I freaked out!! I said "I knew we would wear off on you!!!" It was so fun!  I love her!!
Overall, it was a great week.  The Lord is blessing us in our efforts to be exactly obedient.  My patriarchal blessing talks about the blessings that will come when I strive for exact obedience, and I already can see the blessings of it.  How did the Bible video watching go?  The actor who portrays Christ is AMAZING!!  My favorite part is when He says, "And I lay down my life for the sheep".  So good! Will you read 2 Nephi 31  in honor of M.'s baptism this week?
Have a great week! You are loved! The church is true! :)

Sister Ensign 

Also, thank you for the letters this week!! They are so appreciated!! Thank you!!



Monday, February 22, 2016


"Hey Valentine, to me-you doth not stink" ---I laughed way too hard when I read that during Valentine's day. Oh Mormons, haha.  This week was warm, which was more than gladly accepted as we were outside finding for the majority of it. It was up to the 40s!!! Oh it was so warm I could have cried.

 We had dinner with some of the funniest members this week. The K’s are an elderly couple who made it big in their earlier days, lived the life of the rich, thent decided  they wanted to live on a farm in the middle of nowhere and make maple syrup for fun. Hahah!! They are so fun! Brother K is way into hunting, so he showed us his double vaulted gun room-which has every gun you can think of.  It was an elders dream.  Overall, I love this place. These people make me so happy!

 We had a few great lessons with Mary this week!  She is getting baptized a week from Saturday, and we are so excited for her. The branch president announced it in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, and she turned bright red from the attention. She's so fun. We taught her about baptisms for the dead, and are hoping to go with her in the near future. Tomorrow we are having a family history lesson with her and are going to find some names she can take! We are hoping to surprise her with some scriptures, but she keeps insisting on buying some soon. Does anyone have ideas of how to distract her for the next week and a half? Oh how I love Miss Mary.

 We had interviews on Wednesday. It was great to see President and Sister Jacobsen, and it was great to see other missionaries. It made me grateful for the time I have spent with some of the world's greatest companions, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve Him. President said he will do all he can to get me home in time for school! Thank goodness I have a while before I begin figuring that all out again! I love Petoskey.

 We have been teaching a man who is in Rehab, and we aren't quite sure of his intentions in meeting with us. But, some of our lessons with him went really well this week, and he said that he keeps praying to know if this is true. I hope he'll stick with it, because it will change his life like nothing else can. 

OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Awkward moment of the week?!?! HAHHAHA!!!!! Ok, so for some reason, we have met so many naked men this week. (Which isn't all that uncommon, but it has been an uncommon amount in the duration of a week). We met an older naked gentleman who came to the door with a blanket around himself. I started to begin laughing when he said, "Sorry, I wasn't expecting anyone today"...WHAT!?! Is that a thing if you're alone!?! HAHA!!! TTHHHEEENNN he started showing us a scar on his leg from a car accident, and I lost it when the blanket began to slip. I started SOBBING I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD!!!!!! I had to turn around so he couldn't see me laugh. He said "Why are you laughing?" and I couldn't respond. Sister Smith was a champion as she spoke the rest of the door because I had completely lost my marbles "Yeah, he lost 'em good!" (Hook reference :)) . Anyway, I couldn't stop laughing the rest of the day!

 We saw so many miracles this week, including some of the kindest people who were placed in our path exactly when we needed them. I know Heavenly father looks out for His missionaries, because prayers were answered right when we needed them. This week brought its fair amount of challenges, but I'm grateful to know that He is always there to help us. I know He lives. Have you watched the Bible Videos on They're actually extremely good! Will you go watch at least one of them today? They have helped me understand the Bible, and the life of the Savior greatly, and I know they'll do the same for you!
Have a great week and know you are loved and are being prayed for! The church is so, so true, I know it.


Sister Ensign :)

Monday, February 15, 2016

This is all for You

Hello family and friends, yet again from Petoskey Michigan!

  I hope you all stayed warm this Valentine's Day season and enjoyed some good ol' fun dip (nothing says I love you like a blue powdered white sugar stick).

Yes, it is cold, but thankfully I have enough gear to withstand it. I've got: the long sleeve thermal shirt, my shirt, two sweaters, and 3-4 coats. Then I add a couple of layers of leggings. I also wear a couple of pair of wool socks and have hand warmers. Then, my fleece headband, my white hat, and two hoods over that. Then my thick scarf and gloves and I'm good to go!  It’s weird feeling the wind push me, but not be able to feel most of it. I had another tragedy this week as my breath melted off my mascara in the freezing weather. Needless to say, we made a quick trip to Walgreens for some waterproof mascara. We're back in business baby. I hope my pictures are as flattering as I am feeling when I am out....ha! There was one moment that I was so cold, that I looked down at the picture of Christ on my planner, and held it in my glove covered-frozen hand, and said, "This is all for You. I'm trying my best. Please, please help me do this well". It was still freezing, people still said "No", but I felt better about the whole situation.

This week was fun as we traveled down to Lansing to have a Mission Leadership Council. The trip is about 12 hours round trip for me as we have to stay with a couple of other sisters for a few nights to get down there. I personally don't know if we are worth it to be there, but it was sure fun! We talked to President and Sister Jacobsen, and had training on how to better help the missionaries in our Zones. I am one of 10 Sister Training Leaders, and love being able to talk with so many missionaries. We stayed in Traverse City for a night, and then drove to Lansing and stayed with them for a night. It was pretty tiring, but way fun. 

This week, we doorknocked on a woman's door who let us in. We gave a brief introduction to the Plan of Salvation. Her 6 year old son is named Baxton, and since he reminds me of Paxton, we're pretty good friends. We will be teaching her tomorrow! I promised her that if she would say her prayers, diligently study the Book of Mormon, and come to church, she would be able to find a job that will allow her to be with her son during the day. I hope's she puts forth the effort!

We also met a homeless man who is in rehab and taught him a couple times. He is agnostic (has some belief in a higher power) and has been understandingly open to the idea of hope and love of God. I promised him that if he would diligently study the book of Mormon, say his prayers, and come to church; he would be able to find housing in Petoskey-allowing him to be baptized in March. We'll see what happens, but it was a cool experience.

I gave a talk yesterday on the pure love of Christ- so, of course, I talked about my momma again. Love you Mommie!

We have met with Mary a few times this week, and were able to have her daughter Christina as an investigator last night. Mary is doing really well, and came to the Valentine's Day enrichment on Saturday. She AND Christina and some of Christina's daughter's came, and it was so much fun. We are starting to plan her baptism, and she said she feels really excited, but also nervous. I'll send a picture of us on her baptismal day if she'll let me take a picture. She is quiet sassy and told me this week that I am a "goof ball".  I said to her, "I think you may be understanding me" and she laughed so hard. Ha! Oh Mary. We have a few more lessons with her, then a few reviews, and she'll be good to go! 

I also have been challenged to be more bold, which I have been trying to do for the last few weeks. It crazy how many people get defensive when I testify of the reality of God and Jesus Christ. But it helps me know who is prepared and willing to come into the fold. 

Overall, it was a great week. Thank you for all of the letters and the packages. I love you all! Have a great week!! Also, will you read Alma 32 this week? Plant the seed #itwillgrow :)

Love ya!!


Sister Ensign 

The picture just kind of sums up the weather this week...ha!

Monday, February 8, 2016


Hello hello once again dear family and friends! I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying this bright winter! It's actually been WAY warm...well...30's. But it sure feels nice! But, to quote Nemo "good feeling's gone" because winter has arrived yet again. My hope is that people will take pity on us, and let us in. We'll see how that goes. (Note from Mom - I sent Camille the ten day forecast and there will be days at -8 degrees this coming week.) 
Living in Petoskey most definitely has it's perks. I can't believe I live here!! It is gorgeous, and I pray that I will be here to see this small sleeping city wake up again with all of it's tourists. If people can afford to live in some of these mansions, then they can afford their second home down in Florida. There truly aren't too many people here, but we do get to meet local people as we travel further away from the bay. We are teaching a woman named Mary right now who is one of the sassiest women  alive. HAHHA!!! Oh I love her!!! If she will ever let me take a picture of her, I'll have to show you our darling Mary! She calls me "blondie' and growls at me when I ask her questions. She says I ask her too many hard things (like, what are your thoughts on this scripture?), and it kind of just makes me want to keep on asking away. HAHAH!! I love her! She and her daughter came to church again yesterday and she should be coming to the Relief Society activity on Saturday. If all goes well, she'll be baptized at the beginning of next month. 
This week we went up to the top of the state and had our district meeting in a "group building". There are only a few people that meet in this building each week, so the building is so cute and little. It seems that though our main purpose is to teach non-members, we are mainly focused on helping this branch stay together. There have been some changes in leadership and some shaken up people, so it is a great opportunity to try to help these members in whatever way we can. I keep praying to find and baptize a family, and I know it can and will happen sometime. Whether or not it is while I am here, I don't know. But, we all feel like something great is about to happen in this small Petoskey branch. 

Also, there is a man named K(C?)urt Ensign who is in the Branch District Presidency here! Mom and Dad, do you know who this man is? I spoke with him on the phone for a little this last week, and he is SO cool! Even if we aren't related, I am claiming this man as an uncle. 
There are quiet a few less actives here, so we are mainly teaching less actives. Something that has stood out to me is the quote from President Joseph F. Smith "the very elect will be deceived". It is so sad to think that people who have been through the temple one day stop wearing garments, or that returned missionaries don't come to church. The theme yesterday in church was Hold to the Rod. I have thought a lot about how to do that, and all we need to do is some CPR; Church, Pray, and Read the scriptures!-including scripture by modern day prophets! Were you able to read the talk "Lord, I Believe" by Elder Holland? If not, please do so now! It's awesome! In honor of Valentine's Day this week, will you watch the video "Enduring Love" on Careful, it's a tear jerker. Ah it's soo so cute! 
I am currently in Traverse City (about an hour and a half south of Petoskey) because we are going to Lansing today for a big leadership meeting tomorrow. All in all, we have about a 6 hour drive to get to the mission home. As an STL, Sister Smith (From south Carolina) and I report on what our Zone goals are, how our Sisters are doing, and some other things (I'll know more when I get there! Ha!) 
Other than that, I am doing really well! I hope you know how much I love you all! Thank you for all of the prayers.:) I truly am so blessed to be a missionary for this church. I know that Christ is the head of it and that He wants us all to feel His love and to succeed. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Sister Ensign 

Monday, February 1, 2016

I made it to PETOSKEY!

Hello Hello from another Pleasant place- PETOSKEY MICHIGAN!!!! I am living in a Winter Wonderland, as my apartment is on the shores of Lake Michigan! I see the Lake everyday, and it is beautiful!!! The part on my side isn't frozen over, so I get to see the waves and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! The other half is frozen, so we also have seen people Ice Fishing, and it's awesome!! I love it here!!

Last week I invited you to read Moroni 7:45-48 (actually the whole chapter) before today. Did you do it? I invite you to do so now if you haven't! The Lord will help you receive more charity if you do!
My companion's name is Sister Smith, and she is truly amazing! She has been out for about a year, and it is a blessing to be able to learn from her. We are in the Petoskey Branch in the Traverse City District (One of two Districts in the USA). The branch is mostly retired people, with about 3 families. It was a neat experience to go to church and have it be in a branch building, with about 3 rows of chairs for Sacrament Meeting. The branch is struggling a bit, so it is an honor and a blessing to have been sent here. I know it has nothing to do with me or my ability, I just get to be a part of something great. I am so excited to see what will happen here in the next few months!

This week was full of new experiences for sure.  We drive a Jeep (Which is awesome!), are in a HUGE apartment (which is also awesome )and are on the shore (which is even more awesome!) I also have the opportunity to use facebook to teach lessons to people, so don't be surprised when you see me on there! The weather is cold, and there is quiet a lot of snow-but not as much as I was expecting for where I am. I am told the worst is coming, so I am enjoying only wearing 4 layers of coats and leggings. We'll see what the future brings..haha!
There is one day a week where we don't have a car, so we walk everywhere. As such, we were walking home in the dark one night this week. A woman came up tp us and said "Come get in!" We told her no... A) It was a stranger and B) We were quiet close, but it was so kind of her to offer. She drove away, only to turn around a few minutes later and invite us back in. As she drove us home, she told us that she saw our nametags, and that she had spoken with missionaries in the past. She offered us dinner and a ride whenever we needed it. There truly are some amazing people out in this world. Thank you, past missionaries, for setting a good example for us.

I took so many pictures this week from all over the city, but my converter thing hasn't been working for the last few moths, so I've been borrowing Sister Wilde's. I am on trade offs right now, so I can send more pictures next week! Petoskey reminds me of a San Francisco type place. It is right on the water, and there are so many little shops on the shore. I can't wait until the summer when all of the tourists come, to see what this place looks like when there are LOTS of people here. It is so cute, and I already want to have a summer home here one day. I honestly can't believe that I get to serve in Petoskey:)
I know so much happened this week, but everything is so new I am trying to remember what happened! I do know that so many people offer to help us-it's awesome. OHH!!!!!!! Haha!!! We doorknocked into some Jehovah Witnesses this week, and they let us in for a while. Needless to say, there was no changing their hearts. In the middle of our discussion, I thought "You do realize that you are asking these INSANELY DEEP doctrinal questions of a 19 year old girl, right?" One was in her late 50's and the other in her late 40's, and it amazed me how simple the gospel is. I have gained a true appreciation for the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We also had A Zone P-Day today, and it was So fun! We went bowling, had lunch, and then played dodge ball and had a devotional. I know there will be pictures posted, so I'll have to send some of those next week.
Because there are so few people here in Petoskey, we don't have many investigators. We have been finding all day, every day, but we are trying to perfect it. It is so tiring, and this has been one of the most tiring weeks I've had. But it was great. I also got to call Sister Wilde and her trainee, Sister Burk, on Thursday, and I know that Mt. Pleasant is in good hands.
Overall, I am doing well, and I feel tired and so so blessed. The church is true, and I know it. I read Elder Holland's talk "Lord, I believe" and it was amazing! I know that the Apostles are men of God. Will you read this talk before next Monday? If you do, I promise you in the name of Christ that you will be able to see your faith increase as you continually submit your will to His.

I hope you all have a great week, and know you are loved!!
Sister Ensign