Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Last week's letter has just been posted below this letter.

Sorry, I don't have much time today!!!  We have been traveling today and are now back in town.

This week was incredible, and I am having so much fun being a missionary. I have never been more tired before, and I am loving this chance to do something like this for the Lord every single day.

Some quick highlights: We received our transfer calls!!! I am staying in PETOSKEY!!! WAHOO!!!! My new companion is Sister Katelyn Mathis from Heber, Utah!! She is actually from Heather and Corbin's ward-small world, huh? She is to DIE for cute, and I can't wait for her to see the amazingness of Petoskey.

One highlight from this week was Andrea. She is a less active who was very negative when we first met her on Saturday (she thinks Mormons worship Joseph Smith over Christ) After an amazing testimony meeting on her back porch, the Spirit touched her heart and we are now going to go visit with her on Saturday! SO cool!!!

I testify that Jesus is the Christ. I know that there are people who are prepared all over to hear the message of the restoration. Will you talk to someone knew about the Book of Mormon this week? Even if it's a "No", you will have done your part in inviting!!

I love you all so much!! If there is anything you ever want more info on, the best way is to write me a letter-I'll have more time to respond!! I love you!!! Have a great day!!!!

(Note from Mom)  Camille sent the following paragraph to me after seeing the picture I sent to her showing Hunter in his Prom Tux.  I thought I would include it.)

I am obsessed with Hunter. Oh, I talk about the kid all of the time. I am LOVING Nashville more than nearly anything. Those people are in my constant prayers, and I have talked with so many people here about Nashville. I've only heard amazing things about it. I can't wait to see Huntie with a round face. I'm so grateful that I'M not the one who was sent to the deep-fried south, but I am beyond thrilled that Hunt is. Love that kid.
Sister Ensign 

The Eaton Family

Another Ensign to this Nation..Ya'll

I truly don't know if there has ever been anyone on the face of the planet more excited about a mission call than I was when Huntie Baby received his. 

Pre-story to Hunt's call:
I have been talking to EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE, about Hunter's call. The branch knows, my mission president knows, and most of my investigators know. Seriously, it's the talk of this town. Everyone made their guess, and it seems like the state of Michigan was in as much anticipation for his call as he probably was. 
 I was in the library this week when I saw the video posted on facebook. Before I clicked on the video, I prayed that Hunter would feel that this was exactly where he was supposed to go. (Honestly, I was quite nervous to hear!!!) When he read Tennessee Nashville, I threw a HUGE first in the air and said " OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" AHHHHHHHHHH I CAN'T EVEN TYPE THIS WITHOUT FEELING SO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I then began to sob, right there in the middle of the quiet library. People were looking over at me, and I think my crying caught me off guard as much as it did anyone else. Nashville has no idea how blessed they are to receive one of the best missionaries this world has ever known. Hunt could have gone anywhere, and the lucky people in Nashville Tennessee are those who will be able to hear the gospel from him. I called just about everyone to tell them the good news. Huntie, I am more than THRILLED for you. And I can't wait to hear about your prep! AHHHHHHH!! It's PERFECT!!!! Nashville baby!!!! Here my Huntie Baby comes!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 Knowing that Hunt is a few states below me has even increased my love for my mission. I love serving in the United States, and I can't wait for Hunter to meet people similar to those I am meeting. I know he already knows that missions change lives, so I add my testimony to those who have already said that this is one of the greatest things you will ever do in your life. I can't wait for you Hunt!!! AH YEAH!!!! YES!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! And the end of July? What a great time to go!!! It's crazy to think that people are being call at my YEAR mark. What the? Those weeks at the MTC have the most English speakers of the whole year. So hunt will be surrounded by everyone speaking his same language going throughout different parts of the USA/World. YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!

This week was great, and it really was made so much better when I heard about Hunt's call. I was in Traverse City on Monday and Tuesday, and saw the Lord bless us and he led us to people who are prepared. I am learning how cool it is to be a missionary! On Wednesday, we had a conference in Midland (a few hours away) with a few of the Zones. We talked about promising people blessings. I have learned that when missionaries promise blessings, it shows that the missionary has enough faith in Jesus Christ that He will answer the call of His representative and will perform the blessing on the recipient. I took this to heart, and have been promising people some amazing things (all prompt of the spirit) and have seen Christ help me so much! I promised this woman that if she would listen to the message of the restoration and the Book of Mormon, she would be able to have a better job to financially support her kids. The coolest thing is that I have no idea what her financial situation is, but she started to cry right there. It was awesome! I promised another gut that he would be healed physically of his epilepsy if he would read the while Book of Mormon, come to church faithfully and pray. He said, "That is exactly what I need! I'm in". Woah!! I know there were so many other things that happened that were miracles. I spend the day on Thursday in Cadillac, and we saw other miracles as we were led to people that we had pre-set to find! Cool! I promised various Sisters that we would teach lessons, and we did!! Now that my mission is coming close to it's half way point (crazy huh?) I finally feel like I have gotten the spark of missionary work. I love it here, and I love serving the Lord!! 

 I testify that Jesus is the Christ, the Living Son of God. He knows you, loves you, and has a plan for you. I testify that the Book of Mormon leads us to Him, and to happiness if we'll allow it to. 

Have a wonderful week!!!!

Sister Ensign 

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Restoration and the Birth of Jesus Christ

Hello family!!! Ok, to begin, I want to start off with the coolest thing that happened this week.

We have been praying to find new people to teach. We were out of town for the first couple days, so we only had a few days to be finding in Petoskey. 

On Thursday, we were in a SMALL town called CONWAY, which can't have more than 100 people in the whole town. We knocked on a door, thought no one was home, but a 17 year old kid came and talked with us for a while. Long story short, we ended up teaching him the plan of Salvation on his front porch (because no woman was home) while it was snowing! It was actually pretty cool!!!

On Friday, we had a free afternoon, with some time to go wherever we wanted to go finding. We had initially picked a street called Jennings here in Petoskey. I thought, however, that with some extra time and miles, we should go back out to this small town of Conway with the success from the previous day. We drive all the way out there, and once there, we both got a feeling that it was wrong. I felt quite bad because I thought that we had wasted time and miles all for nothing. We come all the way back to Petoskey to knock on Jennings street-which is within walking distance of our apartment. We talk to only a few people, but were able to get some potential investigators from it. As we walk down the street, Sister Smith and I discuss how we are able to know what is an impression from the Spirit, trying to figure out how to listen better after some wasted time. HOWEVER, as we walk down the street, a man that we had just spoken with came hobbling after us and said "I thought about what you said, and I do want to meet. Give me 10 minutes and I'll meet you at the Library". Cool!!! 

We meet at the Library, and before we can introduce ourselves, the man (Richard) says "I'll tell you something. I was writing a letter to God this afternoon. I was pouring my heart out to Him. I had JUST finished my letter when you knocked on my door. When I sent you away, the Spirit told me that you have a message for me that I need to listen to. The devil told me that you were too far away, and to let you keep going down the street. But I had to listen to the Spirit. So what is it? I'll listen". 
Seriously it was so cool!!!!!!!!!!! I later saw that the Lord sent us out to Conway so Richard could finish his letter. He is 68, and is pretty religious. We saw him on Saturday, and he seems very interested in the message, though we don't know if he is all the way open to changing. (But no worries!! The Spirit will help him with that part). Oh, it was so awesome!!! 
We also had some opportunities to serve at a different food bank this week. It was fun to be with new people, and to help others in need in whatever way we can. The thing that surprised me the most was how affected (effected? Haha I have no idea on spelling) I was by the radio in the background. I know in my head that baptized members of the church have the Spirit with us always, but I didn't realize how that is drastically increased it is as a missionary. The music playing in the background was quiet, and though we did our best to block it out, I found myself singing along to "Gent (gentile)" music. When I caught myself, I felt the definite absence of the Spirit. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be so involved with the Spirit of the Lord. 
We also had a trip down to Lansing!!! It was probably too much fun, and though we had little sleep, we had a wonderful time being trained to help our Sisters a much as possible. it was fun to see President and Sister Jacobsen again, and I look forward to seeing them again this upcoming week. I'll be all over Northern Michigan this week for different training with the Sisters up here, and I am so excited to help in whatever way I can. 
Conference was great, and I loved Elder Christofferson's about Daddy's. I love you Daddy! I also loved Elder Holland's talking about getting credit for trying out best. AND, I loved British Elder Kearon. Seriously, love a good accent. And love learning about helping others #doublewammie 
I love being a missionary. I am currently in Petoskey!!! I will be heading down to Traverse City this evening, then to Midland on Wednesday, then to Cadillac on Wednesday afternoon to come back to Petoskey on Thursday. I love being a missionary, I can't even handle it! I opened my call a year ago, and I have thought about all that has happened over the last year. It's crazy how quickly time is speeding up! I can't believe it. 
I love Jesus Christ, and testify that He lives. 

Have a wonderful day and week!

Sister Ensign 
Favorite view from my apartment
The Zone

Monday, April 4, 2016

Easter And Saturday Conference

*Note from Mom - Because Camille wrote on Sunday, I was able to exchange some emails with her before Conference started. I will include some of the things she told me by putting an "*" in front of those parts.

Hello Family and Friends!!

I am writing this morning (Sunday) because I'll be traveling for a bit the next couple days, and won't have time later. What a better way to spend the morning before Conference than writing some of the greatest people-YOU! *"As I watched conference, I knew the parts where Mom cried. I also knew that Dad would count on his hands how many of the 70 were released and sustained. I don't know when you will see Elder Christofferson again, but when you can, will you tell him how excited I am to see him? He brings a sense of familiarity and home, and I am so excited to hear what the Lord has inspired hi to say today. I know that there are millions of Saints around the world who are looking forward to hearing him today, so I am blessed to be among those who support and love him. Please tell him "Thank You" for me. We are in the middle of a blizzard. It's fun to see SLC all warm and beautiful!!! ENJOY THE SUNSHINE!!!!"

This week was Easter, and though I wrote on it last week, I wanted to remind everyone how amazing Easter is. Christ lives, and because He lives, we will too! * I have found that one of the most frustrating things in this life is agency. I didn't realize how much Heavenly Father loved and respected the Law of Agency, until I came to the realization that it is the thing He allowed to stand firm-causing Him to lose a third of His children. How painful that must have been for Him! But, He wanted us to be free, to be able to choose - He wanted that for us more than anything. We can't make people listen to the promptings of the Spirit! It can be frustrating."

This week flew by, and it's crazy how quickly time is going! How can it already be April? Next month is Mother's Day? Crazy! This last Monday we taught FHE to some of the cutest foster kids that I just adore. We also helped again with the Catholic food pantry. Those are some of the funniest people I've ever met! They all pick on each other and it's so fun to be there! We also drove to St. Ignas this week. It is so fun to be serving up North!! Sister Smith and I are the only Sisters currently in the mission that have served up here, so it's quiet an honor. Driving on the bridge was fun again, and it was so cool to see Lake Huron again! Maybe I'll see all of them before I go home?

We had some meetings this week, and a highlight was being able to see President John Hoover. The light radiates off of that man, and I wish I could be more like him! I don't know what the Lord wants me to accomplish while up here, but I do know that a major reason was so that I could meet President Hoover.

Some highlights were lessons with Mary and Jerry this week. Mary is one to use as few words as possible when it comes to answering questions (but when she's really talking, she REALLY talks!) This week, she said, "Wow, I just felt that warmth through my whole body. It feels so good!" It's great that she is feeling the Spirit testify to her that this is all true. We are working on a temple trip, so hopefully we'll get to go in the next month!

Our lesson with Jerry went extremely well! It was a "DTR" (define the relationship) lesson, making sure that he is meeting us for the right reasons. We talked about the Word of Wisdom, and as he has some problems with it, he is trying to figure out if this is something he really wants. The Spirit led the lesson, and it was a huge blessing.

It was also conference this week!!! I can't wait to watch it again today!! Lacsey and Mary should be coming this morning, so it will be extremely exciting! I thought some of the themes were: Be humble/look out for others and Music is the prayer of the soul.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and thank you for all that you do!!

Enjoy another great day of General Conference! I know these men are called of God, and the Spirit will testify the same thing as you open your ears and heart to listen to their words.

XOXO Sister Ensign