Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Another Week In TC 2

Hello family and friends! I hope you are all doing well and had a great week! 

You know those moments when you feel like you are a chicken running around with your head cut off-just trying to figure out what to do and feel like there is just not enough time? Because that is how my mission is beginning to feel. I find myself setting goals, and then am coming to see how quickly time is passing. It's crazy how time really does fly when life is fun. 

Have you ever wondered what God's days are like? As I have been trying to accomplish all sorts of little things, I have looked at the parents I meet and think about how crazy their lives are. I don't know how people go to school full/part time, work fill/part time, have callings, and balance family time. It looks overwhelming to be an adult! Ha! As I have thought about the game of "balance" while being a parent, I have thought about how God is able to do it. I truly don't know how He figured out how all of this life works for literally EVERY SINGLE person, so I'm just grateful for the belief that He is looking out for all of us and had it all under control. To all parents everywhere-THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was so fun. I was able to go down to Lansing for another leadership meeting. It is always so fun to see all of my friends who are serving across the state. This meeting was a little different than most, in that President took us all outside and had seats for us in a nearby little forest by a little stream. He told us of Joseph Smith and bore his testimony of the power that comes with bearing the truth of the restoration. I hope to never forget it! 

Something else I have been thinking a lot about are those moments when belief turns into knowledge. I was speaking with our branch President, and he told me about 2 specific experiences he has had when his belief turned into knowledge. Once while he was 19 and the other when he was 42. This man clearly has had many, many, many spiritual experiences, but he testified how the spirit was different in these particular instances. He (President Stirling) said, "There are many things that I am convinced of. But I truly KNOW that Jesus is the Christ. The spirit has conveyed it to me in such a way I am afraid to deny it". Joseph Smith's first "experience" may have been while he was reading James 1:5 as the spirit pressed upon him stronger than ever before. I have asked a lot of people about it, and have been thinking about signs or wonders from Heaven. In Mormon 9, it talks about how miracles or these "experiences" are not given to men to disprove their unbelief, but to strengthen the testimonies they already have. As I have talked with a lot of people about this, those individuals who have had these "experiences" seem to be able to pinpoint even an exact date on when this happened to them. Have you had an experience like this before? I know I am still waiting for my "experience", so I'll pray and search on until I truly KNOW. If you have or haven't, even Christ said, Be not afraid, only believe". 

This talk has been quiet interesting for me to study this week. No matter what you are thinking or feeling, "You have more faith than you think you do". I am so grateful for this gospel and am more than convinced that it is Christ's church once again established on the earth, preparatory to the second coming of the Messiah. 

Have a great week!!!

Sister Ensign :) 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A week in the life of a Traverse City Missionary

One of my favorite quotes this week: "There are some days I feel like I was born to be a missionary, and then there are days when I feel like I will die like one". HAHA!!! SO TRUE!

Hello dear family and friends!! I hope you are doing well! So much has happened since the last P-day!

One of the coolest things that happened this week was we met a girl named Leanza Curtiss who is 22. Leanza is friends some of the members of the branch (primarily the Nelson family). She spent the last week out in Utah with the Nelson family touring Temple Square and BYU Campus. She was given a BOM a few years ago and has read it twice. She is planning on attending BYU in a year after finishing her associates here in Michigan. When we met her, she said, "So...what is this whole thing with baptism?" She is SO prepared! We honestly just sit and watch her answer her own questions! It's awesome! Her problem is that she was in the foster care system and was adopted as an older child-to a family of pastors. She really wants to join the church, but she is afraid she will lose her family over it. Any advice? We know Satan is working hard on her-especially because she will make such a strong member and cute provo mom :)

Also, while we were door knocking for a long hot day this week, we met a BRIT AND A FRENCHIE!!! AHH!!! I freaked out. Thanks Heavenly Father.

We also had a HILARIOUS experience when a member came door knocking with us! Haha!! I had never had a member come with me before (because honestly, why would people want be involved with the door knocking part of missionary work? The fun part is teaching the lessons.) I still don't know what to think of the experience, but the mission is DEFINATELY teaching me how to work with all sorts of people. Ha...

We had quite a few lessons cancel on us this week, and so we have tried to use our time to the best of our ability by seeing less actives that we haven't met yet. We stopped by a less active named Manuela who is blind. When we came in, she said, "Oh sisters. How did you know I was just praying for some help when you came here. God is real". Yes ma'am He is. It was actually a pretty neat experience.

Also while out proselyting this week, we met a man named Jim-Jim is the son in law to one of the members in the Petoskey branch. Before we introduced ourselves, he said, "You're Mormon's, aren't you?" It was a reminder that we are placed exactly where the Lord needs us to go. We were also able to see one of my favorite members who is struggling with a brain tumor. Later in the week, we were walking and Sister Fletcher said, "We need to go down this alley". As we did, we met another less active who has been hiding from the church for years. HAHA joke on him-can't hide from the spirit! Overall, it was a great week.

I have been studying the last books in the Book of Mormon and will finish the Book in the next little bit. One of my favorite quotes from Brigham Young says, "Do you read the scriptures as though you wrote them 5,000 years ago? Do you read them as though you stood in the place of those men who wrote them? It is your privilege to do so that you may be as familiar with the Spirit and meaning of the written word of God as your are with your daily walk and conversation". I have tried to imagine what it would be like to be Moroni-to watch all but 23 other men be killed, and then to be the literal last one standing. He roams around and finishes the record as he waits to die. Isn't that so sad? Image if that were you! Image what it would feel like, and how much the scriptures would mean to you then.

I truly have come to love being a missionary. It is one of the most unique experiences I think anyone cold ever experience. I honestly love it though. I am so grateful to get to serve Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in fulfilling their work and glory in bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of men.

The Book of Blue-the church is true!
Love you!!
Sister Ensign

Saturday, August 27, 2016

If, for a while, the harder you try-the harder it get's- take heart

One of my favorite quotes from Elder Holland is "If, for a while, the harder you try-the harder it get's-take heart. So it has been with the best people who have ever lived". I don't know if I have ever worked harder in my life, and it's sure been a while since Satan’s influence has been this discouraging. Looking back on this week, it was so great and so much good happened that no WONDER it was so hard-...Satan was a slightly peeved to say the least. It truthfully was a rough week, but it was also so so so good. And...that last sentence sums up missionary work at its finest. Haha! 
     As I have felt very inadequate and discouraged this week, I have been thinking about the 3 Nephites who are still here (and if you are one of those 3 Nephites and happen to be reading this letter-you are my hero. I'm currently in Traverse City and I'll be in Provo at the beginning of next year-and I'd love to go to lunch or something and chat). As Christ was leaving them, He said, "and again, ye shall not have pain while ye shall dwell in the flesh, neither sorrow save it be for the sins of the world..." (3 Nephi 28:9). Think of all of the things these three and John have seen? I wonder what has been the hardest thing for them to watch through each generation? I wonder where they were during the revolutionary war, the world wars, the cold war, and all that is going on right now. Having seen Christ personally and to now to be living in a "post Christian" era, I wonder what their sadness and discouragement feels like. But I'm sure they keep their heads high and keep on preaching the good word-and so must I. :) 
    One great thing that happened this week was transfer calls! Sister Fletcher and I will be staying together!! I am SOSOSO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, I thought we might, but I'm stoked. 
    I also know that God is personally looking out for me every day. As we were grocery shopping earlier this afternoon, a woman came up to us and said, "I just felt impressed like I needed to talk to you. I love the Mormons. You are doing a great job. Thank you for our service". Say what?! Thanks! Also, Sister Fletcher and I get asked if we are twins literally every day. We get asked if we are sisters all of the time, but it seems like we were asked so many times this week! And then when people are drawn to talk to us to find out if we are twins, they all of the sudden find themselves at the end of the conversation with an appointment to learn about the Book of Mormon next week.
    We met this little family that the parents are LA, but their 14-year-old daughter wants to be baptized soon. We put her on date and are going to have her dad baptize her-meaning they have to change some things. The mom is super stand offish, and when I saw her for the first time, I thought "challenge accepted". You will like us, whether you want to or not, you'll like us one day:) 
    We met with many other less actives and met some other investigators. We took one of the Laurels to a lesson with us, and afterwards she said, "WOAH! Missionary work is the best! I could hardly sleep last night I was so nervous and excited to go out with you today". I absolutely love the missionary fire! It made me laugh and I loved seeing someone so excited to serve!
    I hope you all have a wonderful week. If you are doing the best you know how, and life somehow seems to be getting harder---join the club. Elder Holland also said, "You are in good company. In fact, you are in the best company that ever lived'. Angels are around you and are there to bear you up. You've got this! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Ensign :) 

We went to the tip of our area called Northport for a picnic on Monday with our branch mission leader. Isn't this beautiful!?!? Can't wait to touch it one day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hello dearest family and friends, 

    I truly don't think I have been happier on my mission than I am right now. Things are starting to pick up here in Traverse City and I am thrilled to be here. Another transfer is over this week, and I can't believe how quickly it is going. As I'm sure like a lot of things in life, when I wanted it to go quickly (like at the beginning) it went on forever, but now that I want it to stay, the time is flying by. 

The Lord is definitely hastening His work.

 I just have to tell you about yesterday! We have been out knocking doors and trying to find people to teach. Well let me tell you we have found some pretty incredible people! I don't really want to tell you too much about them yet to ruin the excitement, but keep reading the chronicles of Sister Ensign in the MLM to find out what happens! All week we had been trying to meet with less-actives and we have been calling everyone with very little success, BUT YESTERDAY 8 less actives came to church! That was incredible and truly a miracle!!!

  One of the coolest things was as we were running one morning this week- we met a woman who offered to drive us to Suttons bay. So we hopped in her car a few days later and then took multiple bus systems to get home. Not going to lie, the tourist in me had an absolute blast! We taught many lessons on our trip, and it was so fun!
   My thought I am going to leave with you all this week is the power of prayer. I think many times we go to our Heavenly Father in times of need and we forget to thank him for all the help he gives us. I invite all of you to follow the council found in D&C 19:28 and pray vocally. Pray with a sincere heart and contrite spirit. Grow your relationship with Heavenly Father. Come to know the Savior and by doing this I promise you will come to know yourselves. I love you all so much:) Talk to you soon!

                      With love, Sister Ensign

P.S. I have two P-days this week and no P-days next week so don't freak out when I don't write next week! But I will write you all again Saturday:)

A confidence booster for sure. Oh yeah baby! And I COULD tell you how many times we have been asked if we were twins on one hand-but then I might have to grow 39847239857 million more hands. Twins? More like Sisters:) 


This week was honestly one of the best weeks of my mission.

I got to go to the temple with Jessica and Mary!!! It was a dream come true!! One of my favorite less actives also went through the temple for the first time in years!!!


One of my favorite pictures