Friday, May 27, 2016

Wonderful Busy Week

Come to Petoskey, come to Petoskey!
May 23, 2016

We had an amazing week!!

OK, so info from last week: The apartment is awesome!! The car is a Nissan Frontier. What is that? Yeah, I have no idea. But it safely carries me from point A to point B, so I'm good with that!

"J!!!" (Before writing this, I'd like to thank the Petoskey Branch for their assistance in the 40 day fast. It is so fun to be your missionary because we get to see the results of your sacrifice! Thank you Branchies!!) While we were in Traverse City, we met a woman named Jessica at church. She lives in Petoskey and has had LDS friends for over 10 years. When she was put in our hands, she was already reading books about the Young Woman's theme, already had the Teachings of the Prophet book for this year, and already had the gospel library app on her phone. She could be baptized tomorrow if she already had all of the lessons. She said that she has noticed how her friends are different, and wants to change her life around to be like them! Does that happen in real life? Nope. But it sure did! We put her on date for June 11th, but she called and said, "Some of my friends can't make that date, how about the 26th at 1:30?  We're planning on having a little get together afterwards, so would that work for the branch?" uh.........I mean we may have to schedule you in, but we'll check our calendar and see what we can do........OOOHHHH YEAH!!! She is Heaven sent, and is EXACTLY what the branch needs right now! The fast is working, and I love seeing the results of it! So for Huntie's 18th Birthday, Petoskey will have another baptism. 

We also met a guy named "P." while we were walking this week. We taught him the resto on the spot, and the plan of salvation the following morning. We talked about him coming to church, and he said, "Sure, I'll be there!" and I thought "SSSUUURREE!" But he actually came! Some members invited him over for lunch afterwards, so we had a wonderful time being with an investigator in a member's home. After, P. said, "Thank you SO MUCH for inviting me to church! I loved it!"

We had trade off's this week, and I stayed in Petoksey. We volunteer every Tuesday at the Catholic church to help with the food pantry, and it is fun because people are recognizing us when we knock on their doors! It is so fun to have people react differently when they have previously seen us serve!

We taught one of our investigators the Law of Chastity this week-and it was one of the easiest LoC lessons I've ever been apart of.  She said, "Yeah, the pamphlet was pretty cut and dry, and let's face it, I live with my boyfriend. I have been conflicted with this as a Christian, and I do feel guilty". Sweet! Thanks for saying the hard part for us!  It went so well, and I was so grateful she was already prepared for us!

We also are having AMAZING WEATHER!! It is so fun to walk outside and see flowers and have the air not hurt. It is just turning spring (a little bit later than normal for me) but it is so, so fun. Instead of eating lunch, we sometimes go window shopping in the little stores downtown before all of the tourists come in Petoskey for the season! 

The branch is going through a hard time right now. Would you mind keeping them in your prayers? These are some of the kindest and most dedicated people I've met, and I truly love them. Thank you in advance!

We have been running in the mornings out on the pier, and I am literally living a dream. There are multiple parking lots, so this morning, after running on the shoreline, I practiced my daily hardshoe, but on the shore. It was SO FUN!!! Petoskey is definitely challenging me, but I am loving this. I truly can't believe I get to serve and live here.

Have a wonderful week. I testify that Jesus is the Living Christ. His path is the way that leads to happiness in this life, and eternal life in the world to come. God be thanked for the matchless gift of His divine Son.

Love you!!

Sister Ensign

May 16, 2016

Hello beautiful family of mine. I love you all!!!
Thank you for the packages and the letters I received this week!! I feel beyond blessed to have such a strong support group. Thank you for loving me. This week was full of change-including a NEW APARTMENT!!! We're back in Petoskey baby!! Our new address is 

1293 LaChaumiere Drive Apt. B-203
Petoskey, Michigan 49770

You can also always send things to the mission office, and I'll be able to pick things up there. I got everything from when I was in Traverse City, so THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
The apartment is probably too nice for missionaries. I nearly cried once I saw it! We each have our own bathroom, AC/Heat, a washer/dryer, dishwasher, AND...the lights can be dimmed. Need I say more? I am so grateful. It is such an answer to so many prayers, and I can't wait to be back to work here in Petoskey!!! 

We also got a new car this week!! We are now driving a 2015 Truck. It's pretty big, and it's awesome. 

We had 8 less actives at church this week. we are doing a 40 day fast, and we are seeing so many miracles! 1/3 of the people at church yesterday were less actives!! SO FUN!!!!! 

Jessica is also on date (I'll write more about her next week)
I know this is the true church! I am loving it out here!! Have a great week!!! 

Sister Ensign 

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