Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hello from Mt. Pleasant


     So just like that, reality hit. Nearly like a brick wall to the face. The honeymoon phase is now over, and it is time to "Labor in the Michigan Lansing Mission". Uh...wait what? So I didn't get much sleep this week, which most definitely doesn't help anything. But I've been pretty good all things considering!! So I made it here!! I'm in Michigan!! I am serving in the Mt. Pleasant area with my trainer Sister M.  She hails from the great state of Arizona. She will be done in November, so I am extremely blessed to have her as a trainer who knows what she is doing. I am in a college town, to Central Michigan University. No one is here, because well, school has not started yet. I am assuming that everything will pick back up once school starts in a few weeks. We have walked down many streets this week "door knocking" as they call it here AKA tracting. Yup, just what you think. People have actually been kinder to us than I expected, though some people have sure given me a run for their money. I think in general, people have a hard time yelling at two blonde 20 year olds who have a message about Jesus. Lots have thanked us, and have wondered if there is anything they can do for us. There honestly are some sweet people, and the old mean ones make me laugh.

    Is it humid? Not as much as I was expecting. I am literally in the smack dab center of the state, so I am quite a bit away from any water. It is definitely a different kind of heat though and there sure is humidity. The scenery? Uh...none? There are a ton of trees, and it will be gorgeous here come fall. It is100% flat here, so no hills, no water really, just a lot of really old-run down houses. But I do love looking at all of the trees.


     I was assigned to my 2nd companion (who is way cute) and we head out to Mt. Pleasant Michigan for our first dinner appointment. And where do we go? Oh you better believe we go to a TRAILER PARK!!! WHAT!?! The man, Bro. Bassett is an excommunicated member who is probably 350 lbs., has a long white beard, has a beer belly, and NO TEETH!!! WHAT!?! He has his house sitter over, named Denise, who is a HEAVY SMOKER and LONG, I mean LONG grey/brown hair. They were really nice and everything, but it OPENED MY EYES. They went off about how they are trying to find God and how they hate themselves. WHAT!?! Denise believes she can speak with the gift of tongues, so she rambles something underneath her breath. Yeah, that one shook me up pretty nicely.

    Everyone, I MEAN everyone, had a cat or a dog. These people are lonely. We are in the middle of  nowhere, but it may seem busier when school starts up again. I didn’t know bras and teeth were an optional thing, but I guess that is true. I've met so many people, in which most people rambled on about nothing. We call those "gander rants" because they are Michiganders who rant about who knows what. We did meet a lot of really nice people, and I can see how I could Love the ward.  Michigan only has 4 stakes, and I am in one of the biggest wards in the state. The stake president is in the ward. It rains a ton and is super interesting. I am praying every day that we will be guided to those who are ready to hear the truth.

Ok, I have no idea what this letter makes you think of how I am, but here is the summary: I have no idea where I am, what I am doing, or how to do things. I am trying my hardest to learn as much as I can-as fast as I can so that I will be able to be a good missionary-quicker. I simply remember that Trevor loves his mission, and that keeps me hopeful that I will love it too, one day. I am doing well, and am finding the little things to make me laugh everyday. It was an interesting few days, and I know I have SO much to learn, but I am anxiously trying my best to do all that I can be the Best beginner servant I can be!! 

Funny story? So my first door, I am super nervous because I don't really know what to say even though my companion and I practiced a ton. What do I say? "Hi, I'm Camille, how are you?" The lady looks at my nametag way confused that I said my name, and says "Hi Camille", to which I look at her way confused that she knew my name-clearly too focused on my message to pay attention to what I was saying. I was so confused and then started LAUGHING SO HARD I almost wet my pant on her driveway. SO FUNNY!!! 

 Know I love the Lord and can see Him protecting me every day! (Not that this is that sketchy of an area, but some are freaking creepy.) I COULDN’T do this without Him, is so many ways. 


The book is blue, and the church is true- I promise!


Sister Ensign

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  1. Everyone is a beginner before they are a champ! ;) Keep going! Love, Keriann