Monday, August 31, 2015

It's Always the Last Door

Hello family from the most pleasant of places on the planet...Mt. Pleasant!!
This week I hit my first month mark-FREAK YEAH!! I mean literally half of that was spent in the Provo MTC, but it's all good! We celebrated by talking to random people about God, and eating a brownie:)
This week was really good! I don't realize how much I struggle with talking to people until I am put on the spot to try and change a conversation towards Christ. I was talking with a man this week about his faith in Jesus, and he was telling me about how he is already a Catholic. Long story short, I simply just didn't know what to say and ended up asking him the dumbest things. Afterwards, as we walked away, I had to stop in the middle of the street and cross my legs so I wouldn't wet my pants (skirt) I was laughing so hard at my struggle!! Ha-ha Why is this so hard!?!?!
I have met some of the most random people while here. There are people with all sorts of beliefs and customs from around the world. Why are they in Mt. Pleasant of all places? I have no idea. But while they are here, we might as well have a chitchat:)
This week, we doorknocked-a lot.  It's all good, in purpose, but I DON"T like door knocking because I am literally the MOST awkward person on this PLANET!!! The worst part is trying not to laugh my head off when I explain something incorrectly and it comes out really dumb. Then I try to compose myself, but I fail miserably.  Oh man.
*(Note from Camille's Mom... I have changed all names that Camille writes to bold initials since this is an open blog.  Since Camille can't see this blog, I send comments that are posted on to her via Email.  Thanks to all who support her!)
On Thursday morning this week, we planned to go around to some outskirt towns to visit some members in Weidman. We wanted to visit a member on Friday named J. B.  It turned out that we went to Lake Isabella instead, which is about 40 minutes away from me.  Little did we know that we were going to see rich and extremely “not humble” old people who live in their summer lake homes.  Though we talked to a lot of people at their doors Thursday afternoon, we had to continue on. We decide to knock on one more door, and this woman on the phone answers and says, "Oh come on in girls". We look at each other confused and walk inside. She tells her sister, who is on the other end of the phone, "The sisters are here, so I best be going". She then hangs up and says, "Sisters, I haven't seen you in forever! How are you?" Say what? Who is this woman? I didn't know if my comp knew her, but I played the "I'm new in the area, what is your name?" card, and she says, "I'm J.B.". SAY WHAT!?!! We were going to call her TOMORROW!?!?! The address on the ward directory was wrong, and she lives out in Lake Isabella. WHAT!??! She tells us that she is not active, but loves the sisters who taught her when she was in her young 20's. She loved church and raised her kids in the church, but fell away and has been inactive for 10 years. She told us how hard her life is, and how so many things have gone wrong.  I promised her that as she came back to Church and recommitted herself to living the Gospel of Christ, she would be able to fix that broken feeling inside and to receive strength and comfort. We were there for so long. Now we are going to be teaching her again!  And it's crazy that we, BY CHANCE, #Not, doorknocked into her when we weren't planning on it! Crazy huh? It was a MIRACLE!!! The Spirit is Real!!
S., who is 21, and is set for baptism for Sep 15., will have to have her date changed. She didn't know that you had to be living the law of chastity before you could be baptized. She really wants to be baptized, so we will need to be getting her married to her boyfriend who she has lived with for 4 years. She also has a smoking problem. She's come to church a few times, but her 2 year old son has acted up, so we're working hard with her.
M., who is 26, is supposed to be baptized on Sep 26th. He has ALEADY quit smoking! It's a miracle and he is so proud of it! He has a major drinking problem though, and we promised him that the Atonement can and will help him. He hasn't come to church yet, but is keeping every other commitment, so we may have to change his date as well.
D., Ha-ha where do I even Begin!!?! She is TOO COOL!! D is 56, a chain smoker since age 12, and is one of the craziest people I have ever met. I ADORE HER!! She is SUPER spiritual, and is able to "speak in tongues". So during every prayer, she mumbles something in "tongues". She RAMBLES! She can talk your ear off. Just say, "Do you believe in the Bible?" and she could literally talk for 12 straight months. She is Soo cool though! She is an in-home nurse. She is SO desperate to know the truth. She has been to LITERALLY every church out there that she could find.  She loves that ours is based on the two main commandments of God which she hasn’t found in other places; 1. Love God (serve him through church and pureness in heart) and 2.  Love others- (church is centered on the family). She can ramble about the craziest things, but has one of the best hearts. She is a smoker, so we are trying to help with that. She told us she wants to be baptized on September 16, but we'll probably set her date for some time in October. SO COOL!
We'll that's all I can think of. I am doing pretty well! Good luck at School everyone, especially those starting BYU this week!!
Love you all!!
Sister Ensign 

You Better Believe I straighten my hair that day. #humidityhairforthewin


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  1. Camille is the BEST! I absolutely LOVE reading this BLOG. Every week!!