Friday, August 7, 2015

Hola mi familia!!!!

Hola mi familia!! How are all of you doing?? I hope you all had a wonderful week! I would like to start off by first saying THANK YOU to all who wrote me!! You letters were so appreciated!! Love you!! 

Ok, lets begin:) 

Is it possible that I have only been at the MTC for 8 days? I definitely feel like its been months. I do not believe there have been longer days known to man. The days are super crazy long. But they are some of the most amazing 8 days I have every had! I guess that every missionary in here either went to Brighton High or BYU because it seems like I am completely surrounded by my friends! It's really weird to see some of the teachers who were my friends at BYU, and now they call  me Sister, But it is so much fun!!! 

     My district is filled with some of the most fun people!! We are going to Lansing and Baltimore. The Boston mission is also with us, and they are in our Zone, but not our district. The girls in my room are so much fun and i loved meeting new people. My companion is from Meridian Idaho. She loves everything outdoors including trek and camping. I don't think we could be more opposite, but it's sure a good time. We laugh so hard together.   

I think I just sent that...sorry!!! Anyway, my district is so fun and I am honestly loving my time here. It is so unique being a missionary. I have never taught the gospel to someone before, and I was way nervous to try for the first time. I mean, I've only been here one week, and last night they
had us teach lessons that we weren't supposed to plan ahead. I have never taught purely by the Spirit, but it was an amazing experience. This week was a Mormon fiesta! Sheri Dew came and spoke with us, and on Wednesday, President Nelson (is there an 'i' in there?) came. Wait, did i just write
that THE NEXT PROPHET CAME?!? Yes, yes I did. it was so cool! It reminded me of when he came to setting apart of Daddy when I was 9. President Nelson called Huntie Baby and me up to bear out testimony's. After the meeting, he called me up again and held my 9- year-old arms and said, "Camille, I love you. Don't you ever forget that". And I never have. It's so cool to see literally thousands of missionaries standing as the next prophet comes in. And Singing Called to Serve? Yeah, that awesome too. Honestly I love it here, and am grateful for my time. But I am more than thrilled to be leaving next week!!

This week has been filled with Spiritual experience and some of the funniest times. Haha I know that RM's are awkward, but I didn't realize that missionaries are Awkward. Oh my gosh I have been laughing all week at some of the funniest things!

    I have a name tag, isn't that crazy?! I am going to the temple later today and I love being a missionary. I know that the reality of a mission has yet to hit, but what I have experienced, I have loved! I feel more than honored to be numbered among those called to literally represent the Lord
Jesus Christ. How can I be more blessed? Yes, it's been tiring, and I have felt every emotion of mankind in a single day, but at the end of the day, I honestly feel happy! I have SO much to learn, and so many experiences to come, but the first 8 days of my mission have been nothing but an exciting
adventure along with the Spirit. I am so grateful for the Gospel, and am
especially grateful that I was born into it. I don't know what I did right in the preexistence, but I am more than grateful for it because I know I am surrounded by a wonderful family and friends. I love you all!! Have a fabulous week!! The book is blue, and the church is true!

Love you!!!

Sister Ensign :)
I have a name tag.  Isn't that crazy?!

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