Monday, October 26, 2015


Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2015 12:10:53 -0400

Hello hello once again!! How are all of you!! Oh what a week it has been! The weather here is so crazy and I love it!! It was so warm this week, in the low 70's. And it also snowed. You've got to love it. We never are sure of what the weather will be like, so we are always grateful when it is warm. The wind is called the lazy wing. It's too lazy to go around you, so it goes right through you. I can boldly testify of the truth in that statement! THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE of warm things this last week Momma!! They came JUST in time!! I don't think I will need my warm coats yet, and would love to wait a few more weeks on that so that-if I get transferred-I won't have to transfer them as well!
This week we had so much going on, that the three of us became way too tired. And what happens when I get too tired? That's right! I stop breathing before I go to bed every night due to my uncontrollable laughter! I have laughed more this week than I have since being on a mission!! The funniest moment!?!  We were in the car this week, and my companion in the back was making some phone calls. I didn't realize she was half asleep until I heard her say in a voicemail to a potential, "Thank thee...I mean you, for all that thou has given us". The best part is that the potential is one of our neighbors!! She started praying!! We were dying!! She was also trying to name all of my siblings, and instead of saying Hunter/Huntie baby, she said, "Howard baby" for Howard W. Hunter. I can't even type this I am laughing so hard!!  Oh how you've got to love being a missionary!!
You also know how I CAN'T order anything at the drive-thru because I laugh and then I can't talk? Yep, that happened on the phone this week also. My comp had to come save me, and then she also started laughing, so my other companion had to save the day. It was awful, but so funny. And all too late, we learned we can re-due voicemails.
We had trade-off's this week and we also had interviews with the mission president. They both went well, and I am excited to see what will happen in the next transfer! I will know on the 30th what will be happening for the next little bit and I am freaking out!!
Thank you, again, to all of those who write me and send me things! It means the world to me!! I love you all!! My scripture this week is D&C 11:21. I have seen so many miracles I can't even stand it. God is so great!
I love serving the Lord and am happy to be here! I hope you all have a wonderful week and know I am praying for you!! Love you!!
Sister Ensign

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