Monday, October 26, 2015


NOTE FROM CAMILLE'S MOM...  I did not get her letter posted last week, but it is now posted below this letter.
Oh what a Week!! Happy week to you all! And Happy Birthday Lisi, Mckay, and Bennett! 
 The weather, is most definitely keeping us on our toes. And sometimes, even off of our toes when we fall off of bridges when we hit slippery leaves....oh good times... haha!! Man, we seem to trip all of the time. But I have gained a new appreciation for the season of "fall". 
This week we had a lot of appointments cancel on us. WHAT!?! No thank you! And the worst part is that we had so many already scheduled with members! But I learned that the Lord will allow things to fall out of place so other things can fall into place. 
This week we met a guy named Chris. Chris is so, so, so, so, cool. We taught him for his first time this week, and in the lesson I asked him if he would be baptized by someone who held the same authority as Christ if he could. He said, "I can confidently say that is something I would love to do". And now he is on baptism date! We had a few other lessons like that this week, and it has been really fun to be a part of!  We will be teaching Chris, his mom, and his little sister later in the week, and we are so excited to help him come closer to Christ. 
In the week, however, we also meet some very unique individuals that I believe the Lord puts in my path to keep me laughing. We were door knocking this week, and were talking to a man about receiving direction from God. The man said, "The only direction I have is what is stuck to my ankle”  Awesome… ankle bracelet.   Well, after a few more doors, and a few other criminals on parole, we left the area.  Oh man! You've got the love the randomness of missions!
We also meet a man who served as a veteran in the Vietnam war. We taught him the restoration in his barn because his wife wasn't home. It was dark outside due to the rainy weather, so we were teaching this man, who has severe ADHD, about the gospel of Jesus his barn; while he downed a beer and smoked his cigarette. I asked him if he loves Jesus, and he said, “Of course I love Jesus. He saved me in war!" I then asked him if he would do something for Jesus if Jesus asked him to, and again he said, "Yeah! I would do something for Jesus!" I then said, "What if Jesus asked you to stop drinking that can of beer and smoking that cigarette?" The guy looked at me for a while and said, "If Jesus came to me right now, and told me that, I would probably have to quit all of my bad habits".  Bingo... Hook, Line, and Sinker.  So that is where we will pick up next time! 
It was a great week and I am enjoying all of the random things I am able to be a part of in my day!! Thank you to all of those who are praying for me; they are so felt! I love this gospel and love seeing the message change people's faces when they hear it for the first time! I love being a part of someone's first prayer, and letting them know that God loves them! Have a great week! The church is true and I love you!!
Sister Ensign
Welcome to Mt. Pleasant

Be mature at all times


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