Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hello dearest family and friends, 

    I truly don't think I have been happier on my mission than I am right now. Things are starting to pick up here in Traverse City and I am thrilled to be here. Another transfer is over this week, and I can't believe how quickly it is going. As I'm sure like a lot of things in life, when I wanted it to go quickly (like at the beginning) it went on forever, but now that I want it to stay, the time is flying by. 

The Lord is definitely hastening His work.

 I just have to tell you about yesterday! We have been out knocking doors and trying to find people to teach. Well let me tell you we have found some pretty incredible people! I don't really want to tell you too much about them yet to ruin the excitement, but keep reading the chronicles of Sister Ensign in the MLM to find out what happens! All week we had been trying to meet with less-actives and we have been calling everyone with very little success, BUT YESTERDAY 8 less actives came to church! That was incredible and truly a miracle!!!

  One of the coolest things was as we were running one morning this week- we met a woman who offered to drive us to Suttons bay. So we hopped in her car a few days later and then took multiple bus systems to get home. Not going to lie, the tourist in me had an absolute blast! We taught many lessons on our trip, and it was so fun!
   My thought I am going to leave with you all this week is the power of prayer. I think many times we go to our Heavenly Father in times of need and we forget to thank him for all the help he gives us. I invite all of you to follow the council found in D&C 19:28 and pray vocally. Pray with a sincere heart and contrite spirit. Grow your relationship with Heavenly Father. Come to know the Savior and by doing this I promise you will come to know yourselves. I love you all so much:) Talk to you soon!

                      With love, Sister Ensign

P.S. I have two P-days this week and no P-days next week so don't freak out when I don't write next week! But I will write you all again Saturday:)

A confidence booster for sure. Oh yeah baby! And I COULD tell you how many times we have been asked if we were twins on one hand-but then I might have to grow 39847239857 million more hands. Twins? More like Sisters:) 

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