Tuesday, September 8, 2015


 Hello, Hello, Hello!!! I hope you are all having a great day!

Update: S. is MIA!!!!! WHAT!?!? We taught her the law of chastity...which she wasn't too thrilled about. Now she has avoided us all week and we haven't heard from her...:(

M. came to church on Sunday!!! FINALLY!!! It was such a beautiful day!! Ah, I was so excited! He only came to Sacrament Meeting, but still it was so great to finally have him come when he has been promising us he'd come for a while. 

Things haven't really happened much with J. B. since our first visit. We are planning on seeing her today, so hopefully she doesn't reschedule on us again!!!

Then there is Miss D.! She bore her testimony is church and I nearly bawled. She is infamous for her “gander rant”, and due to her attendance at other churches throughout her life, she is also prone to preaching some pretty false doctrine. It was fast Sunday, and she says, "Can a nonmember do it too?" A shot of pure fear runs through me as I Freak out!!! We talk to her about the amount of time a testimony should be, and tell her to talk about her love of Christ.  She was perfect!! Up and down in three minutes.   D. thanked those who had fellowshipped her, talked about how she will be a member once she can quit smoking, and how she loves how she feels in the church. AHH!!! It was like it was my own kid up there, and I couldn't have been more proud of her!

This week was crazy! We had 13 appointments cancel on us. Lame, right? So that resulted in DOOR KNOCKING. (Once again I would be fully lying if I said I liked door knocking for even one minute. This is where I have to have faith that President truly knows what's best, and I have to believe he does). We door knocked for so many hours, and now have 22 people who are interested in learning more. So that was pretty cool! We knocked on a female Methodist pastor’s door, who talked to us about religion for a while. As we were talking, a hospital helicopter flew over our heads. She asked if we could say a prayer, so she held our hands and we prayed for those in the helicopter. That was a new experience! 

Funniest thing that happened to me this week?... First of all, WHY AM I SOOOOO AWKWARD!?! Haha Oh my gosh!!! Pre-note: I was wearing a longer skirt, which comes to mid-calf.  So, we door knocked into a kid (16) who is pretty interested in learning more about the gospel. We ask if we could get his information, and as we did, he leaves to go find something. He leaves us at the door standing in front of his BIG puppy. (It's one of those police dogs who are brown and black?) This puppy is super excited to see us, and he starts to weave around us. As he weaves around me, his face GETS STUCK IN MY SKIRT!!! OH MY GOSH I LAUGHED SO HARD!!! But wait, there's more!! So the kid comes back and his puppy is in my skirt (I am shaking as I type this because I am laughing so hard. A guy next to me just asked if I was ok, and then we just had a discussion about the gospel for the win!) Anyway, the kid comes back, and then the puppy BITES MY SKIRT AND STARTS PLAYING TUG OF WAR WITH MY SKIRT!!! AHAHAH!!!! Oh my gosh, I was fighting a puppy in the name of humanity!! It was SOO FUNNY!!! But we got a return appointment, so…. Missionaries- 1,  Stella the Puppy- 5. 

We  met a little kid this week named Owen who reminds me EXACTLY of Graham!! He is so cute!!! We were on the outside of town by the Indian reservation, and in a somewhat sketchy area. So many little kids were playing outside. They were afraid of us at first, but by the end, they were bringing out their bikes and showing us all of their cool tricks. It was so fun to be with little kids again!

The weather here changes only about once every...hour. You never know! Some days can be FREEZING, and the next day will be HUMID and SO Hot. Overall, I like it because I can wear every season of my clothes :) 

We are all doing pretty well! I am learning so much, and am praying to LOVE the work! Thank you for the letters and the package this week! They are all very appreciated and loved! I hope you have a wonderful week!!!


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Humidity is the worst thing for my hair!!!

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