Monday, March 21, 2016

"I may fall, but I will always RISE - this weeks' favorite quote from a PI

How many missionaries does it take to change a light bulb? Two-but the light bulb has to want to change. 
Hahah that still makes me laugh!
HELLLLOOOO people! How are all of you doing? I hope you had a great week, and are getting excited for this upcoming Easter week!! On, there are many different ways to invite the spirit of Easter into your home this week. Will you go to that website and check it out? 

This week was unexpected, but we saw so many miracles. Our district is striving to have 21 new investigators in the next week and a half. It is a fun challenge because it means we need to teach someone new almost every day. It is amazing how the Lord helps us do His work.
Are you as sick as the State of Michigan? Apparently EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, (except me!) has been getting sick -almost like a bad head cold, but it's a flu. The doctors said it has been the busiest two weeks of the year. Sister Smith was sick on Friday and Saturday, which allowed me to study, organize, and do some crafts for people. (She made Easter Treats for the Primary Children.) It's sad to see her so sick, but I had some great time trying to get caught up on all of the small things. The branch has been so kind and offered help in many ways. I will forever love the branch of Petoskey.
On Wednesday, we had a great experience. In one of my letter's I received last week, I learned the importance of following the promptings of the Spirit the first time. We doorknocked on a woman's home, and when I said "We are representatives and servants of Jesus Christ" she started to bawl and closed the door on us. We were confused, so we turned to walk away. Sister Smith said, "Should we go back?" After a prayer, we let ourselves in, and taught this sobbing woman about God's reality and His love for us in sending His Son Jesus Christ. We showed her some Easter videos and the Spirit was so strong. She was agnostic, but we called her this weekend, and she said she has been praying. AWESOME!! Thank thee Heavenly Father. 

On St. Patrick's Day, we taught some lessons in which the Spirit was present, and it was great. It was an awkward 33 degrees, warm enough to rain, but cold enough that my whole body was shaking. We were soaked, and no wonder no one opened their doors-we were drenched! Ha! I have never had a less- glammed up St. Patrick's Day, but it was definitely one for the books. 

We had branch conference this weekend, and it was fun to see more people! They challenged us to read D&C 88 - which I read this morning, and the parts that related were awesome. 

I am thrilled for Easter, and I know He lives! Have a wonderful week!!! 

Sister Ensign

Coldest St. Patrick's Day of my Life!

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