Monday, March 14, 2016


Before continuing reading this letter, please push that little minimize line on your screen and watch the video in the link above! It is the new Easter video! It's great! So sit back, throw in the popcorn, and enjoy the latest and greatest 2 minutes and 14 seconds from the only true church here on earth. #hallelujah
Miracles happen every single day of our lives. Sometime miracles come blatantly in front of our eyes. Other times, we have the privilege of looking for the miracles. This week, overall was good. Nothing too difficult, or too exciting. But overall, good. Sometimes, weeks like these are a nice breather after some busy ones, and before the General conference and Easter hustle. (I have never been more excited for conference in my life than I am now. It has turned from a week playing with cups in pajamas into a week that helps strengthen me, and helps me know how I can strengthen those around me. I can't wait for the next couple weeks. :)

It is definitely warming up, and people are beginning to move back in. That also means that people are off on Spring break, so this town is still very small. But it is showing signs that people will be returning soon! The warmth was such a blessing, and one day it actually hit the 60's. A family here visited in SLC this week, and said SLC has more snow than here. Boom baby. That's what I'm talking about! It's been great. And with the time change, it will be great to be out later at night when families are at home. I so desperately want to find a family to teach and baptize this transfer. My adapted motto has been "Pray until something happens". A family (a couple with a baby girl) came to church for the first time yesterday, and I can't help but be excited. Who knows what will happen, but I am determined to work as hard as I can to accomplish whatever the Lord needs me to while being up here in Petoskey, Michigan.

We did have a trip down to Lansing this week for a training on Service. The Church is changing some things about service for missionaries, and we now have been asked to do 10 service hours a week, instead of the previous two. It was fun to be with so many people, and I even met some missionaries from the Detroit mission. It was fun and it was great to see President and Sister Jacobsen. Man, they do so much. We met some other mission President's and it was surprising to see the age difference. There is no way President does what he does, at his age, without the help of God. What a blessing he is to us all.

   Mary is doing well! We did family history with her this week, and I choked on my water from laughing so hard at what she was saying. What a gal. Her brother-in-law passed away last night, so we'll be seeing the family this whole next week. We are hoping the family will be more open to hearing about the plan of Salvation now. Mary seems to be ok, but we're keeping an eye on her. Love her. 

 I am doing well, and am excited for another week to help people in whatever way I can. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Oh, what a good day. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I. If you do love the holiday, you must be either 110% Irish, a drinker, or an Irish Dancer. So assuming the latter, turn out your feet, smile you heart out, and have so much fun in the shows this week!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! These truly are some of the most fun days of the year!! #anirishevening

I know the doctrine taught in this church brings happiness and peace to everyone who is humble enough to hear it! I am grateful for the chance to be here! Have a great week! Love you!!
Sister Ensign

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