Monday, March 7, 2016


Oh, if only every week in the mission field could be a week like this week. 2 Nephi 2:11

This week was so good!! To begin, MARY SUE EATON WAS BAPTIZED!!!

Mary was taught by some Elders a few years ago, but didn't connect with them. When Sisters knocked on her door a few months ago, she said they could come back. Oh and behold, a few lessons and months later, Mary was baptized! She is a Southern girl up in Northern Michigan, and one of the funniest people on the planet. I adore her!! She says, "You girls are crazy! I'm glad we get to keep you!" Haha!! Her baptism went well. She has a bad knee, and had to be baptized twice since she didn't go all the way under. It ended beautifully, and she is becoming much more bold in standing up for her beliefs and herself. You go, Sister Eaton! We all love you! There were so many miracles, and during her confirmation, she was told that she'll go to the temple and receive her endowments, and that some of her family will be baptized because of her example! HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?
This week we also went up the the Sault St. Marie. We saw Canada, and met some of the most fun older people in a Taco Bell. There is a group of  members who live in Canada, but come to Taco Bell in America every Wednesday afternoon for lunch because the Taco Bell is better here. HAHAH!!! They were so excited to see us, and especially to see Sisters. I am loving it up here. The Sault is a few hours away, and it was a neat experience to see Lake Michigan and Huron. The Bridge reminds me of the Golden Gate in San Fran, so it was fun to drive across while thinking of my Dad.
We also had transfer calls this week! AND!?!?!?  SISTER SMITH IS STAYING!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!! Everyone is so excited she'll be here another few weeks!!! She will have been here almost 8 months by the time she leaves, so I'm especially excited to see what the Lord has in store for us in extending her time here. We talked with the Branch President Yesterday, and our cute little branch of Petoskey is struggling. We are so small. Man, these members have to be some of the most dedicated members in the Church. There is one couple that drives 4 hours every Sunday to help the branch in the upper peninsula. How can we help these members keep that fire or rekindle the flame that was once there?  Thank goodness Easter, and Conference are coming up. They are both desperately needed. Attending Church, Praying, and Reading the scriptures seem to be the answer. Any thoughts on how to help people continue to feel the Holy Ghost? We are in a fast and constant prayer mode that we will find a family to teach and baptize this transfer, because we think that could help everyone. 
We saw many of the members in the branch this week, and the more I meet, the more I am humbled by their dedication. They do so much for the Church and the Lord. These are modern day pioneers, and I am beyond grateful I have the opportunity to serve along side of them. 

It is also becoming much warmer! People are beginning to come out of their hibernation caves and come outside to enjoy 45 degrees. So many people are in shorts and t-shirts! It is fun to see some grass and only have to wear two coats! I can't get my hopes too high because another storm is bound to come, but I am so so happy that Spring truly is on the way!! 

Sacrament meeting was so great yesterday. If you are struggling with something, please go to the Lord fasting, and I promise you in the name of Jesus Christ you will receive some comfort. The church is true, and the book is blue. I know that Christ lives, and I know that He will give you guidance and direction. God be thanked for the matchless gift of His divine Son. 
Have a great week! Love you!!

Sister Ensign  (Side note from Mom:  Camille says that a lot of celebrities come to Petoskey.  She keeps getting stopped by people and then they apologize saying, "I thought you were Amanda Seyfried or sometimes Dakota Fanning.  She says she is starting to feel famous!!)

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