Monday, February 8, 2016


Hello hello once again dear family and friends! I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying this bright winter! It's actually been WAY warm...well...30's. But it sure feels nice! But, to quote Nemo "good feeling's gone" because winter has arrived yet again. My hope is that people will take pity on us, and let us in. We'll see how that goes. (Note from Mom - I sent Camille the ten day forecast and there will be days at -8 degrees this coming week.) 
Living in Petoskey most definitely has it's perks. I can't believe I live here!! It is gorgeous, and I pray that I will be here to see this small sleeping city wake up again with all of it's tourists. If people can afford to live in some of these mansions, then they can afford their second home down in Florida. There truly aren't too many people here, but we do get to meet local people as we travel further away from the bay. We are teaching a woman named Mary right now who is one of the sassiest women  alive. HAHHA!!! Oh I love her!!! If she will ever let me take a picture of her, I'll have to show you our darling Mary! She calls me "blondie' and growls at me when I ask her questions. She says I ask her too many hard things (like, what are your thoughts on this scripture?), and it kind of just makes me want to keep on asking away. HAHAH!! I love her! She and her daughter came to church again yesterday and she should be coming to the Relief Society activity on Saturday. If all goes well, she'll be baptized at the beginning of next month. 
This week we went up to the top of the state and had our district meeting in a "group building". There are only a few people that meet in this building each week, so the building is so cute and little. It seems that though our main purpose is to teach non-members, we are mainly focused on helping this branch stay together. There have been some changes in leadership and some shaken up people, so it is a great opportunity to try to help these members in whatever way we can. I keep praying to find and baptize a family, and I know it can and will happen sometime. Whether or not it is while I am here, I don't know. But, we all feel like something great is about to happen in this small Petoskey branch. 

Also, there is a man named K(C?)urt Ensign who is in the Branch District Presidency here! Mom and Dad, do you know who this man is? I spoke with him on the phone for a little this last week, and he is SO cool! Even if we aren't related, I am claiming this man as an uncle. 
There are quiet a few less actives here, so we are mainly teaching less actives. Something that has stood out to me is the quote from President Joseph F. Smith "the very elect will be deceived". It is so sad to think that people who have been through the temple one day stop wearing garments, or that returned missionaries don't come to church. The theme yesterday in church was Hold to the Rod. I have thought a lot about how to do that, and all we need to do is some CPR; Church, Pray, and Read the scriptures!-including scripture by modern day prophets! Were you able to read the talk "Lord, I Believe" by Elder Holland? If not, please do so now! It's awesome! In honor of Valentine's Day this week, will you watch the video "Enduring Love" on Careful, it's a tear jerker. Ah it's soo so cute! 
I am currently in Traverse City (about an hour and a half south of Petoskey) because we are going to Lansing today for a big leadership meeting tomorrow. All in all, we have about a 6 hour drive to get to the mission home. As an STL, Sister Smith (From south Carolina) and I report on what our Zone goals are, how our Sisters are doing, and some other things (I'll know more when I get there! Ha!) 
Other than that, I am doing really well! I hope you know how much I love you all! Thank you for all of the prayers.:) I truly am so blessed to be a missionary for this church. I know that Christ is the head of it and that He wants us all to feel His love and to succeed. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Sister Ensign 

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