Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Last week's letter has just been posted below this letter.

Sorry, I don't have much time today!!!  We have been traveling today and are now back in town.

This week was incredible, and I am having so much fun being a missionary. I have never been more tired before, and I am loving this chance to do something like this for the Lord every single day.

Some quick highlights: We received our transfer calls!!! I am staying in PETOSKEY!!! WAHOO!!!! My new companion is Sister Katelyn Mathis from Heber, Utah!! She is actually from Heather and Corbin's ward-small world, huh? She is to DIE for cute, and I can't wait for her to see the amazingness of Petoskey.

One highlight from this week was Andrea. She is a less active who was very negative when we first met her on Saturday (she thinks Mormons worship Joseph Smith over Christ) After an amazing testimony meeting on her back porch, the Spirit touched her heart and we are now going to go visit with her on Saturday! SO cool!!!

I testify that Jesus is the Christ. I know that there are people who are prepared all over to hear the message of the restoration. Will you talk to someone knew about the Book of Mormon this week? Even if it's a "No", you will have done your part in inviting!!

I love you all so much!! If there is anything you ever want more info on, the best way is to write me a letter-I'll have more time to respond!! I love you!!! Have a great day!!!!

(Note from Mom)  Camille sent the following paragraph to me after seeing the picture I sent to her showing Hunter in his Prom Tux.  I thought I would include it.)

I am obsessed with Hunter. Oh, I talk about the kid all of the time. I am LOVING Nashville more than nearly anything. Those people are in my constant prayers, and I have talked with so many people here about Nashville. I've only heard amazing things about it. I can't wait to see Huntie with a round face. I'm so grateful that I'M not the one who was sent to the deep-fried south, but I am beyond thrilled that Hunt is. Love that kid.
Sister Ensign 

The Eaton Family

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