Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Another Transfer in Petoskey!

Hello hello family and friends!!

Congrats Molly!!! I am so excited for you!!!! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers, as well as my new niece!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!

We had another wonderful week-in fact probably one of the best I've had on my mission. We finished our 40 day fast as a branch and it is amazing how the power of the Lord works when people are united.

On Monday after P-Day, we walked on the shoreline talking with people. It is so fun to live by water! Man, this place has my heart! I was a little nervous with transfers coming up this last week, but I am lucky enough to be staying one more. I am pretty positive I'll leave in the middle of July, so I am STOKED to be staying here for a bit longer!!

We saw quiet a few less actives this week-which always includes a good story. One of the saddest parts of the week was when we visited a woman in her early 60's named A in the hospital. She is from the Cheboygan group, but is down in Petoskey because we have the main hospital. We visited her in ICU (she has a lot of fluid around her lungs, and probably won't live much longer). She looked at me (and her eyes remind me of Kelsey's) and said, "I am so scared to die. I've never done it before. Help me". ...uh....Well, I've never before given a "final speech" to someone as they are facing death, and it was quiet the experience. My companion was talking with the nurse, so with a pray in my heart, told her about the place of Salvation and God's love for her. She said, "That does sound alright. I'll be okay". She was taken from ICU this week back home with a hospice nurse. I don't know if I'll see her again in this life, but it comforted me also to know that things will be okay when we pass away. 

We spent some time in St. Ignace this week (which is in the Upper Peninsula) and it was fun to see Mackinac Island, and am hoping to go there one day! 

We also met with some of our solid investigator this week!! We met with Jessica, and she pretty much taught us the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. She invited us over for dinner this week to teach us how to cook a super yummy and healthy meal (since she is a dietitian). Those are the most difficult lessons, so it appears we are smooth sailing for her baptism in three weeks. She even came down to district conference in Traverse City (and hour and a half away) BOTH Saturday and Sunday! She met President and Sister Jacobsen and all of the missionaries. She also said "I feel like I have been preparing my whole life for this. I know this is exactly what God wants me to be doing". She's also teaching a part of the enrichment activity this weekend with the relief society. Too good to be true? It seems like it, but she's 100% real-and ready. It's so fun!!

Mary is doing well, but is going to Illinois this weekend to stay with her sister for the remainder of the transfer. It is sad to see her go, but she said she would try to come home early so she could say goodbye to me before I get transferred in July. 

I am so so happy here. I don't know why I was called on a mission, but I am so grateful for it. I love the Branch, I love the area, and I love serving the Lord. The amazing moments far outweigh the more difficult times. I know that Jesus Christ lives and love us. One of the talks that has stood out to me from this last conference is "Do I Believe?" I feel we often do things in the church because we either see it as tradition, or something we grew up in. But as we come to understand the message our church has to share, the reality of it is much more apparent!! This is actually all real! And it's so cool to study it each day! I love my mission.

Have a great day!!!
Sister Ensign 

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