Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Another week in Paradise of Petoskey

Ok, get this.  The funniest part about my week was that as we were door knocking an apartment complex, we were PROMPTLY escorted out by a 60 year old man who sternly walked us out of the building. The funniest part?'s our apartment complex. Moral of the story-we know where NOT to go when we need a cup of flour. I laughed so hard I couldn't even look at him as he walked us out. HAHAH!!! Poor guy. 

This week was so great! A major highlight was that our investigator Jessica taught the Relief Society enrichment activity on Saturday. The gal is a miracle. She is so funny, and we are having dinner with her this week because we have told her about our lack of cooking ability. She is a dietitian, and she said, "we need you to know how to cook so we can get you married". Hahah!!  You better believe she's coming to my wedding! She is doing so well, and she is excited for her baptism in 2 weeks. 

Another fun thing was having FHE with Mary's family. Mary has moving to Illinois for a month to live with her daughter. She knows when transfer calls are, and she said she would be back to say goodbye. As our final lesson, we played Pictionary with her and her two grandkids, and we all laughed so hard. I love the Eaton family. I'm sad to say goodbye to them for a few weeks. 

We also had an amazing experience as we talked with a less active who lives with her boyfriend. She told us that they aren't married because they will lose $300 a month from government aide if she's married. I told her that losing her salvation is much more important than $3600 a year, and she started to bawl. I love moments when people feel the Spirit testify to them that they need to change. It's a unique situation for me (19 years old) to tell a woman 65 that she needs to either move out of her boyfriends' home, or get married. But it's also definitely a memory. We all love her. 

We met with a woman this week who told us she was so excited to meet with us and had some questions for us. We were so excited after we talked with her on her doorstep, but that excitement turned just a tad as she began her lesson with "Well, you do know that I'm a Jehovah Witness, right? I won't join in your prayer, unless it is to Jehovah God". ....and then things turned south quickly. Our member, a returned missionary, and our dear Jehovah Witness friend began a bash of the bible. After a while, I said, "It's obvious that we are all convinced that our doctrine is correct, and nothing we say today will change our opinion. If you are interested in learning about the truthfulness of our doctrine, you can do as we have all done by reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it is true." It was much better afterwards, and the longer I am out, the more I am realizing that adults are just little kids in taller bodies. oh man.... 

Another super random thing that happened this week was as we were walking home one rainy night, a woman with 3 little kids ran up to us and said "Can you pray with us? I was just in a car accident, and I need help". It began to rain cats and dogs, and we talked to this woman about how we know God will help her with her trials and that He loves her. I said a prayer as we all held hands in a circle on the side of the road. The woman's mother came (who is a retired nurse) and helped. The woman said, "Wait, we have to take a picture because you are so cute!" She then proceeded to ask us if we make bread all day long. Just to top off the situation, we were confused as Amish. Ha! The picture is on the bottom. 

Overall I am doing really well! I can't believe that June will be half way done this week. It's crazy how quickly time is picking up. Thank you for all of the prayers in my behalf as well as in behalf of the Petoskey area. I know that God lives, that Jesus is the Christ, and that They love us. I know that He is aware of you, because I can see Him help me. 

Have a great week! Love you!!

Sister Ensign 

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