Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy Father's Day

You know that Snickers commercial with the horseless headsman that says "You're not you when you are hungry" ? What I didn't know until this week was that when someone's blood sugar drops, they change into a completely different person. We were visiting a woman who went a little crazy for a bit. After I asked her to check her blood sugar, and found out it was 49 (which I guess it's supposed to be in the 140s?) we were able to take care of the situation with a jam packed (pun kinda intended) PB&J. Ohh the things I find myself learning each day on a mission. Ha!

We had a fabulous week here in Petoskey. I don't know if I have slept better at night in my life. I can't even count until 30 before I am out.

We were literally running from appointment to appointment this week all over Northern Michigan. It's so fun to serve up North! I wish everyone could serve here!  As we visited a less active this week, she ran out the door, and said, "today is just not a good day!" and cried in my arms. I just held her for a while, and once she was a little more calm, she said, "Oh I just love you. Thank you for coming over". We talked for a while, but mostly she showed us her flower garden. We didn't teach much of a lesson, but one of my favorite lessons I've learned is that sometimes the Lord needs us to be His listening ear for others.

On Wednesday, we had our District meeting up in Cheboygan which is at the very top of the lower Peninsula. We were running to try to see a recent convert, a less active, and then make it back to our appointments here in Petoskey. We had a lesson with Jessica and she is doing so well! We have been talking about my lack of cooking for a while and she wants me to learn! She had us over for dinner this week and she taught us how to make a spicy stir fry. It was so good! Then she said, "I have a gift for you girls". She bought each of us a cook book, and wants us to come up with our favorite recipe to try. She is so cool!!!!!!! WE LOVE HER!!! She'll be baptized on Sunday and we all can't wait. I can't thank the Lord enough to have had the chance to get to know her!

OH!!!! As we furthered our journey in meeting our neighbors this week (though it didn't go AS well as we had hoped last week...HA!), it turns out a 16 year old less active lives underneath us! She is a foster child, and said she was offended at church. We talked about which members of the branch she could remember, and then talked to those members throughout the week. One of the members talked to us for a while, and talked about the hard life this 16 year old and her mother have had. Long story short, not even an hour after we had talked about this girls mother with the member, she was sitting behind us during one of our lessons! The Lord placed her in our path, and it was SO COOL!!! We called the member back and said that we had met the mother of this girl, and the member laughed so hard! It was awesome!

This town may not have a Target or a mall, but it does have an Irish store-Another highlight of the week.(Is that not the most random thing?) We walked in, and I almost cried. I LOVE IRISH DANCE!!! We talked to the workers for a while, and one said she plays the fiddle. We then talked about how she wants to play at feis's, and it felt so good to see some Irish things. Two of the workers are now potentials, and I got to see some overpriced sweatshirts with "Ireland" written on them. I felt like I was back home.

As we were downtown near the bay front this week, a woman stopped us and said, "Aren't you those Mormon girls? Tell me, what do you believe?" Well...people rarely come up to us and ask, so it was cool! She kind of threw down on the trinity, but it was still a good experience. We also met this girl named Kasey who is so sweet!! She ended up giving me a Petoskey Stone, and it so nice. We met with her at the park again yesterday, and it is so fun to be around so many people in such a beautiful part of the world.

I am currently in the war chapters of the Book of Mormon, and the overarching theme seems to be that we can never over prepare. I am seeing that we can never be too prepared, or have too much faith in Christ. I am seeing how much comfort the Gospel brings to people, and I know that He will be there. Happy Father's Day. I know the Father of us all loves us and I testify that He lives!

Love you!!
Sister Ensign

This link is all about Father's, and it made me especially grateful for mine!

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